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“Our company is owned and operated by professional treasure hunters working with Archaeologists and Scientists to provide The best tested and proven patented new technology, no one knows more than us about your needs and expectations in the field, the testimonials by our customers show that our equipment can find the targets they are looking for.”

Line Of Products And Technical Specifications

X6 Raptor Long Range (AI) system

X6 hammer (AI) Diablo

X6 Hammer (AI) 100

X6 Hammer (AI) 100 Army

X6 Plus (AI) red Dragon

X6 Plus Grounding Radar Army

X6 tera Rugged Tablets

We will introduce new products soon

We will introduce new products soon

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About Us

U.S. Detect Force LLC

Welcome to U.S. Detect Force LLC, we are the Agent / Distributor for our sister company EU detect force LTD, which specializes in the manufacture and development of 3D ground radar systems for the detection of metals, diamonds, and groundwater.

Our company, EU detect force LTD. is an up-and-coming dynamic enterprise from the heart of the United Kingdom.

Our technology is now serving archeologists, treasure hunters, precious metals mining companies, police force and the military in various tasks helping them get the results they need to reach their goals….

Common Questions & Answers

Example of a target inside a void.

Yes all our systems will give you the accurate depth of the target.

we have systems that can reach a depth from 10 meters to 200 meters.

Yes, our systems can identify all of the above and will give you the depth and a 3D image of the shape of the above Voids

Yes, our systems are cable of locating metal inside voids and will show you both the metal target and the void togetherso you can tell if the metal target is inside or above or on the side of the void .

No, once you ground balance the probes with the site you should have no issues at all getting an accurate scan to see your buried target or void.

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How to find your Treasure?

There is a huge deference between metal detecting trying to find coins and small gold nuggets and trying to find a buried treasure.

Coins and nuggets can be found at shallow depths ranging from a few centimeters to about 50 centimeters using metal detectors with coils of various sizes and shapes.

Treasures are way much deeper, they can be as deep as a few meters and up to 20 meters deep, and they need special equipment and knowledge in order to be found…..


What clients Think About Us

.Nikos Marg -

I have been detecting since I was 17 years old. I have used at least 10 different brands of detectors, but so far X6 Plus is the best I've ever owned, first thing impressed me a lot it was the 2 software systems in 1, already tried the device and worked perfectly for me, it's easy to use because everything it's on the screen, screen to screen you set your options and its touch screen so it makes easier for you, software in device it's very fast. the main device it's very light and easy to carry, This device is not pricey but really worth it, I'm sure it will be even more expensive and at the end it was suprise me the low cost. The device .came in a very safe hard case and well packed stars for my new device 10

Matthew Doe

! Absolutely the best detector I have ever used I have been detecting metals for many years and have seen many detectors, but this X6 Plus 3D System, is the best. Easy to configure and usestars for my new device 10

Angela Papa

I wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to take a chance on this X6 Plus. A friend of mine has been telling me about the device and how much it helped improve his search. And after months of him trying to convince me to give it a .try I decided to give it a go So I did a little bit of my own research and decided to pick this one up. When it arrived I surprised at how easy it was to use it. No complicated instructions or anything. Just simply plug it into tablet and you are ready to search !Thank you so much

Manos Marinakis

I am professional Archaeologist in EUROPEAN Institute "Protection of Cultural and Archaeological Heritage" I'm totally amazed with this device, after I bought it, a month ago and can't complain about it, great depth and basically can detect everything! X6 Plus 3D Grounding Radar, was a great invest, invest that i don't regret, I'm very happy .Most definitely my thumbs up for this device

Jiannis Papadimitriou

Ich habe bereits mehrere Detektoren ausprobiert, aber der X6 Plus, ist in bezug auf Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit bei weitem der beste. Dazu kommt, schneller .und freundlicher Service !!! Das beste, was ich da draußen weiß. Kann ich nur empfehlen

Jonathan Law

I have found several very important treasures with the X6 Plus, it is the best detector of all, it is impressive, high quality detector and with the 2 deferent 3D softwares search systems included it is super complete, it can detect up to 13 meters underground, truly amazing

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