X6 Raptor Long Range (AI) system !

The X6 Raptor” Long Range system, is a the most powerful gold & metal detection device, that has been developed around the world. It is based on newly developed and measuring technology, from U.S. Detect Force LLC, United kingdom.

The fastest, the easiest and the most powerful and to find buried gold and treasures underground.

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Long Range system (LR | BIOION), is designed to function in all countries and regions. Professional long range gold detector, have issued many publications with advanced search techniques, as the system detects gold and minerals at depths of up to 45 meters under the surface of the earth and within different rocky, sandy and mountainous terrain, and also features a front search system and a detection capacity of up to 2000 meters.

The techniques and properties of X6 Raptor®

This system has a high ability to distinguish metals, whether precious or not, at record time.

The device works in five languages: English, Greek, German, French, Turkish.

When you select the desired language, you can choose search system from the list before starting:

– Buried and treasures gold search system.

– Jewellers gold, natural gold, gold nuggets, veins of gold and underground mines search system.

– Underground Diamonds search system.

– Underground Silver search system.

– Caves, voids, and underground ancient tombs search system.

– Underground iron search system.

– Underground copper search system.

– Underground bronze search system. You can choose the required front range by adjusting the control key, (500

– 1000 1500-2000 meters).’ After setting the parameters and starting the process of detecting, the device will start to send and receive special frequencies to detect the target type that you chose from the list.

€ 6500.00

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