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The most important factor is always location, location, location, you must be at the right location in order to increase your chances of finding a treasure.

The people that buried these treasures always left signs carved into rocks or identified natural unique structures they included in their maps and made sure that their treasures are well hidden deep in the ground.

Once you find a location that has all the right signs is when your search will begin.

And to begin you must have the right tools needed to pinpoint the spot where the target might be.

Once a professional treasure hunter finds a good location he starts with our (long Range Radar) The X6 Raptor system, it will would allow him to find and pinpoint the treasure.

Once the spot is identified the following questions must have an answer.

How deep is my target?

What metal is my target Gold, Silver, Iron, Copper, Bronze?

Is my target buried in a cave, Tunnel, Grave, or in the ground ?

What is the shape of my target, a box a jar?

These are important questions, the answer will allow the professional treasure hunter to evaluate how much labor is involved, the risks and time it will take in order to extract the treasure.

He might decide if it is worth it? or its very risky? Is it safe? or If it needs heavy digging equipment rather than human labor to get the job done?

But the most important equipment he needs at this point is a system that will answer all his questions such as the X6 Plus system or the X6 Pro system, these systems can give him the answers he needs before he starts digging and will confirm to him that the treasure he is looking for is real and its there .

Once you have all the answers you need, it is time to decide to dig or not to dig? That is the last question,

And only you can give the answer.

               “ Good luck and happy hunting.”

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