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U.S. Detect Force LLC

Our company is owned and operated by treasure hunters with over 40 years of field experience, we have tried and used so many systems over the past 40 years but none was capable of giving us the answers to all our questions in the field.

The systems were heavy, bulky and presented many challenges that made our search for treasures an expensive project with higher cost of labor and safety risks.

So in 2015 our team of archeologists, scientists and treasure hunters decided that it is time we design and build our own systems that could solve all the issues we were facing in the field.

We wanted to have light weight systems that are easy to carry and transport with imaging technology that can show us our targets depth and confirm to us what metals they are, find the caves and tunnels with ease that we can map the site before we start to excavate it.

We needed to know everything about our targets so we can make correct decisions that will save us money and effort.

The team effort in the design and research was able to build and manufacture our dream systems we are offering to you today, it’s the accumulation effort of many years of work and efforts now available to our customers.

We designed a new generation of 3D ground penetrating  detectors, lightweight, easy to use, robust & small, operated only with a tablet, and our proprietary software already installed on the tablet that can answer all the question you will face in the field , the depth? The kind of metal? The shape of the target?  And the void.?

Our system will show you in 3D representation all the answers you need to make an educated decision prior to excavation of the target.

Today, we are proud to have been ranked first in terms of customer satisfaction and service after the sale, and  our production capacity making almost 10 devices per week over the past 6 years.

U.S. Detect Force LLC. has introduced more innovative, and practical technology than any of its competitors, and has taken the metal detecting industry to a totally new level, we continue our research and development today and in the future to bring the best new technology to the market.

We are proud to help a growing number of clients worldwide to fulfill their goals.

                       “ Your success is our success.”

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